Futurelight ISPO Munich

Futurelight: an unexpected show

We’re honored to have been part of the ISPO Sports Show in February 2019 with one of the most innovative brands in the world: The North Face (TNF). Our creative angle was simple, yet surprising – Futurelight: an unexpected show.

Futurelight from TNF is the world’s most advanced breathable-waterproof outwear technology. It is set to redefine the future of technical outwear and change how people experience waterproof performance. Building on this bold claim, we wanted to be thrilling and inspiring for our guests: just as the Futurelight technology is invisible at first, but reveals itself when it’s most needed, we created a mystery booth that would keep visitors in suspension, until the right moment came. And when it did come, it felt like both a surprise and a relief.

 Complementing this beautiful, unexpected show, several touch-points told the story of Futurelight’s performance and invited visitors to reflect on their own capabilities when supported by such a great product. Alongside the motion show, we organized an exclusive press event and an athlete meet-and-greet for more than 2k people. In line with TNF’s sustainable commitment, we developed a sustainable booth where parts of it have been repurposed (for other future tradeshows).

 Welcome to the future, lads.