futurelight technology

Futurelight | a clean and unique digital show

Welcome to the future again! The Outdoor by ISPO was our second occasion to present the innovative and exciting Futurelight technology from The North Face through a clean and unique show. To remind you, Futurelight is the world’s most advanced breathable-waterproof outwear technology. It is set to redefine the future of technical outwear and change how people experience waterproof performance.

From creation to planning to final execution, our team focused on significant aspects, in line with TNF’s values and commitment: education, leadership, and sustainability. Across all touch-points, we set out to educate on the new Futurelight technology and how it complements the human performance. From interactive touchscreens to vivid motion pictures, we created an immersive, elegant digital show for hundreds of people, and we stood out with our clean and minimalistic booth design. We didn’t clutter; we filtered all the good stuff and presented it uniquely.

As TNF promises to be sustainable in every way possible, we tried to do the same: parts of the booth were made out of recyclable and repurposed materials, our food truck only served regionally grown foods, and we didn’t use any plastic. We’re making small steps, but they count.