Levi’s Denim Leadership | Munich & Amsterdam

Our team recreated two of Levi’s showrooms (in Munich and Amsterdam) to showcase the brand’s power, versatility, and denim leadership. Levi’s is genuine about innovating customer experience at all touch-points. Therefore, with every project, we aim to showcase the value it can bring to the customer-brand interaction.

We built a customization area where clients could tailor, repair, or upgrade their clothes in real-time. The Print Bar would give them the chance to witness the entire process, while also building on Levi’s reputation of a people-oriented brand.

To recreate the vibe of Levi’s massive Eureka Innovation Lab in San Francisco, our team set up walls made out of jeans/denim. The aim was to give visitors and customers a sense of the brand’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and human-centric mindset.  As Levi’s has set out to provide access to music and artistic expression by building music schools for local communities, we created a Music Corner to show their involvement.

We presented Levi’s denim leadership and brought its DNA to life through a potent mix of touchpoints. Everything was nicely put together to showcase the brand’s values and commitment to the people it serves every single day.