Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit @Berlin Half Marathon

For the major endurance event that the Berlin Half Marathon is, we wanted to challenge and support Nike’s athletes to commit to the thrilling “Fast as F4%K” claim. We developed a comprehensive campaign around speed and grit, emphasizing how the new Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit would make the athletes feel: fast, determined, empowered.

Our team created a smooth retail journey based on the attract – engage – connect concept. We implemented a variety of tools that would not only activate the athletes but also guide them through the actual race day.

The masterpiece was the trial area, made out of an exciting running track where athletes could experiment with the Vaporfly extraordinary capabilities. An interactive screen would show athletes’ performance and motivate them to go faster while a surprise flashlight would grasp their athletic and expressive side. The printing station would then take out the athlete’s photo on an Ordnungsamt Letter Template, saying “YOU WERE FAST AS F4%K!”. 


Flawless execution for unstoppable athletes at the Berlin Half Marathon.