Women's World Cup Nike

Nike | Women’s World Cup

For the last decades, the “Just Do It” mantra has pushed athletes all over the world to go out there and conquer their dreams. No matter how crazy they seem and sound. For the Women’s World Cup, Nike stood by this craziness with an inspiring call to action: “Don’t change your dream. Change the world.”

Gripping. Unstoppable. Unapologetic. The attitude we also put into a bold retail execution in Nike’s flagship store in Berlin. With a life-size Nike goddess, a symbol for victory, speed, and strength, we wanted to showcase the real force of women and women athletes.

  •   Our window installations invited customers to be daring and, in Serena William’s words, to show people what crazy can do (please watch this for better insight);
  •   A photo area captured the passion and emotion of athletes;
  •   Several engage zones showed iconic athletes alongside their stories of hard work and determination, seamlessly linked with the product performance;
  •   An activation zone we set up for an influencer event invited women to feel safe and ask for advice on how to choose, optimize, or customize the right bra for their body-type and sports style.

The Women’s World Cup execution has been a beautiful demonstration of consistent retail communication and of turning a store into a story. “It’s only crazy until you do it.” Or, as one iconic woman would put it, “The most effective way to do it is to do it.” (Amelia Earhart)