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Martin Baumdicker Martin Baumdicker

Martin Baumdicker

Managing Director & Founder

Sportsman, passionate workaholic and creative visionary. Martin is leading the Marketing Pioneers from our Berlin office, orchestrating the creative network and driving the execution of innovative Retail concepts.

Andreas Führer Andreas Führer

Andreas Führer

Director / Prokurist

Leading the Execution Hub in Mainz, Andreas is in charge of operations and organizational development as well as the digital underpinnings of our business units and marketing campaigns.

Clarissa Scheiner Clarissa Scheiner

Clarissa Scheiner

Lead Project Management

Clarissa has the unquestionable talent to bring structure even into the most chaotic scenario, staying calm and focused. She always has an open ear for our customers’ wishes and her team’s needs.

Alexandra Wilhelm Alexandra Wilhelm

Alexandra Wilhelm

Creative Conception

Alex is based in Berlin and is the creative force at our capital lab. She consults and inspires clients and creates powerful artistic concepts and supports graphic designers to bring ideas to life.

Peter Mülling Peter Mülling

Peter Mülling

Lead Art Direction

As lead of the graphic design unit, Peter is a competent interface to our project managers and a real 3D artist. Be it modeling, planning or animation, Peter stands for quality and speedy executions.

Claas Janßen Claas Janßen

Claas Janßen

Accounting Manager

Claas is the man for the hard numbers. Keeping our finances in shape and supporting the management team to make sound decisions – while still having fun for everyone.

Jana Schwarz Jana Schwarz

Jana Schwarz

Project Manager

Jana’s approach is: think carefully and then drive towards the solution with perseverance and creativity. Her knowledge of production processes and materials makes her a great allrounder.

Eva Malm Eva Malm

Eva Malm

Junior Project Manager

Eva is a valuable player in our PM team. With her background in advertising technology, we benefit from her extensive knowledge in production and enjoy her excellent & friendly customer support.

Jennifer Roll Jennifer Roll

Jennifer Roll

Junior Project Manager

Jenny is our newest addition to the PM team and already we enjoy her creativity, patience and top-notch work ethic. She shows excellent customer support and eagerness to learn.

Almut Schwarz Almut Schwarz

Almut Schwarz

Junior Project Manager

Staying focused and friendly in the midst of hectic projects is Almut’s strength. While still new in the Pioneers world, she will make her mark.

Jana Bördner Jana Bördner

Jana Bördner

Junior Project Manager

We are happy that while pursuing her master’s degree, Jana is supporting us part-time. She puts in hard work with a big smile on her face and will always find the best solution in tricky situations.

Sophie Frank Sophie Frank

Sophie Frank

Junior Project Manager

Sophie is a welcome addition to our project management team. Detail-oriented, hard to get in a bad mood and a quick learner, she helps to bring projects across the finish line.

Polina Fernandes Polina Fernandes

Polina Fernandes

Trainee Marketing Communication

Nothing slips Polina’s mind! She is always curios to discover and we couldn’t imagine to go without her professional support to the accounting, project management and leadership team.

Max Seifert Max Seifert

Max Seifert

3D Artist

With his positive attitude, affinity for fresh design and a real creator’s spirit, Max has become indispensable for the Pioneers in no time. Attention to details and focused concept work are his trademark.

Ann-Kathrin Butzbach Ann-Kathrin Butzbach

Ann-Kathrin Butzbach

Art Director

Anni is the epitome of creative layouts and successful conception of advertising material. Her thorough way of working is only one of many reasons why she is essential for the graphic design department.

Lukas Cerin Lukas Cerin

Lukas Cerin

Art Director

The pixelfreak and young game developer Lukas excels in design programs like Photoshop, Indesign and Cinema 4D. He is always ready to help and if you need some wise quote – just ask him!

Jasmin Ventrella Jasmin Ventrella

Jasmin Ventrella

Trainee Art Direction

Motivated, eager to learn and open-minded – we hit the jackpot with our trainee Jasmin. She supports us in all things creative and is a great contribution to the Art Direction.

Sina Petry-Seeger Sina Petry-Seeger

Sina Petry-Seeger

Junior Art Director

We proudly welcome Sina back in Germany. After some time abroad, our photography specialist and graphic design expert supports in every occasion.

Julia Sauerwald Julia Sauerwald

Julia Sauerwald

Project Management Intern

Julia supports the team in all facets, be it the maintenance of POS tracking tools, organizing screenings or keeping our office running – she has it covered.

Susen Rathgeber Susen Rathgeber

Susen Rathgeber

Project Management Intern

Even before her university studies, Susi was often our last-minute savior. She supports the PMs with her good mood, structured approach and hands-on mentality.

Jochen Bell Jochen Bell

Jochen Bell

CAD/Data Management

The professional firefighter takes care of various internal projects and screening duties. He is also a specialist in data migration and CAD.

Heike Rathgeber Heike Rathgeber

Heike Rathgeber

Office Management

When Heike is around, everyone has enough invoices to sign, food to eat and our plants will stay alive. Her positive nature is a delight to all.

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